Welcome to GŁnther's Application Database Program!

The objective of this program is to provide our customers and prospective customers with a comprehensive means to view our already proven application experiences to assist them in determining if a GŁnther Hot Runner system can be successfully used on their next application.
There are thousands of applications listed in the Database and generally we provide a very detailed account of each application, such as exact material grade, part weight, number of cavities, gating method, type of manifold and nozzle used, the processing parameter as well as an image of the final part. We feel this tool will be tremendously helpful to designers and processors who are seeking solutions to their Hot Runner requirements.
The following is a general guideline as to hot to use the Application Database:

  1. After you have registered and received your User Name and Password you may log into the system.

  2. Next you will encounter a dialog box that presents you the option to "Search for an Application" or "Create an Application". In almost all cases you are here to sear the listing of existing applications, so please choose this option.

  3. From here you will enter the Search Criteria section of the Application Database. You may begin your search if you have a drawing # of an existing GŁnther Hot Runner System, or if you have an Application number that is currently listed in the Database. Most of you will wish to go to the other side if the screen and load individual search parameters.

  4. To search an application by a specific material grade, part weight, wall thickness or gating method simply enter your data in the required fields and click on the Search button. This will bring up all of the applications that meet the specific criteria you have called for. In the event that the number of offerings is too small you can generally see more applications by opening you criteria a bit, such as being less specific on the material grade or exact part weight. For instance, if the material is Lexan 121 and the part weight is 0.24g that you are looking for and this does not yield results, change the search criteria to Lexan or just PC and 0.5g.

  5. Additionally, you can further narrow your search results by filling in the second row of fields addressing the type of manifold used, if it is fully balanced or partially balanced, # of nozzles and their pitch centers.

  6. In many of the individual applications it will provide you with a User Rating. Many of the systems worked exceptionally well, however, you will find that some of the applications were not recommendable. GŁnther is a conservative technical organization and we will always advise our customers if we feel an application is not recommendable.

The Application Database is a software for selection of design proposals and Machineconfiguration. By simple input of all requirements for Hotrunner and Material, the Application Database provides a selection of tested Systems and their results.
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